Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for an update.

Hi Everyone. :)
Sorry it's been so long since my last Blog. I have started an art course in Castlemaine for two days a week.
If You are ever in Castlemaine on a saturday morning, drop in to the wesley hill market, Along with myself and friend Liz, there are many interesting stalls to look at and buy from.

We have found wonderful homes for many of our kittens this season- Thank you everyone.

I still have a few more darlings for sale.
All are 50% ragdoll and bengal x oriental-mum. $50. for boys and $100. for girls.
This is the last of my non colour points , other than the chinchilla x ragdoll/birman kittens.

My art school has been great but hard work and a real eye opener to whet is
I do not draw as well i thought and i have found many new styles of making a "mark" as it is termed.

We are doing print making, life drawing as well as still life, painting, an textiles.

My 2nd son had a change of schools mid term and now seems happy. while my dear first born has decided to not own up to having home work.....till his teacher rang me.! mmm, 14 year olds.

I had a wonderful mothers day with my mum, my nanna and my sister and her husband at the lobster cave.....- not that we could afford to do this to often.....$600. !!! lol O.M.G

I am now open for felting classes be it one on one or a small group of 5.

I have also been on a book making and paper making weekend-wow great stuff and if i have room i would take this on

From time to time i hope to offer hand made books for sale as gifts.

Winter is now on its way and my dear harmony ( who is now 26 years old) is ruged and stabled every night. The younger horses don't seem to worry about the cold as much.
I will add photos later tonight.

Well for now thats all.

stay safe