Thursday, September 27, 2007

22mic. merino


hi all.
yes, i have been Dying... oh .. no. lol
I bought some dye's from Mandies "ewe give me the knits."
i will try to put this all in order- God help p.s if any of you see what i have done to poor mandie's gallery you will know!
alapaca tops-

Silk cap 1

silk cap 2

22mic. merino top.

Monday, September 24, 2007

felted work

Just before i go, i had better put some photos of my older felt art here all works have been sold but if there is anything you would like just email me with your ideas.
thanks Natalie.

very fine white silk/merino named white herbs.

100% Australian alpaca hand felted rabbits, this rabbit in many colours has been very successful for heart felted creations.

this is a wonderfully soft Nuno style scarf on silk chiffon hand dye by me with glass seed beads and tussah silk.
The lady who bought this adored it .

This little bag was made for a little girl as a birthday gift, she loves the butterfly's.- as i do!

This was my welsh cob stallion thomas- pennantgoldrush. He is a lovely stallion who i bred three fillys from. He was sold back to his breeder tabby -S.A , who can make a lot more use of thomas than i could, he is still very much missed.

This stunning lady is Mishka My 3/4 red point Himalayan 1/4 birman she has the most stunning kittens to either a Birman boy or my wonderful Ragdoll boy Shiraz, who's blue eyes are the best i have ever seen!

The "True" breeders out there may be saying Oh, shes just a back yarder! not breeding pure to pure. Well the reason i do this with some of my girls IS to get stunning, healthier pets. Not all have health problems i know but a lot can, i personally feel the pure Himalayan has too many troubles breathing an eating. my kids do not have the very flat nose that is asked for by the standard and often not the coat worries.

not a good photo but our Shiraz. pure ragdoll stud.

my boys

Hello all.

I thought i would pop in some photos of my boys for you all and some of the furry kids.

Kalhan with his first fish.


Connor our youngest.

Well.... I have made it to the world of Blogging! :)

This photo was taken last June 07.
I had spent the last two hours writing this intro blog only to have it vanish! My d.h asked why? i had not been saving as i went!!!! :( gee.. very helpful honey.
anyone know where the carving knife is??? lol
Anyway, my master piece is now gone ..never to be seen and all you poor folks will have to read some minor works till i can next muster up the ingredients for another master piece.