Tuesday, October 07, 2008

what i am doing now

hi everyone, I wanted to tell you all of a new group i have joined called paradice psp . its a learning group on how to use the graphics program paint shop pro and in my case 11.
I will let you all know how i go.
till next time.
stay safe.

Friday, August 01, 2008

pups update

Hello everyone.

Well here is a photo of our maltese x pups, now 9 weeks old.

due to the weather, all the pups have been living inside with us!

So for the first time , i had to teach 8 pups some house training. Does anybody know how much muck 8 pups make????!!

I have only four left, one girl and three boys.

We always get two ruff coats-like west highland whites when grown up.

Boys are now $200. and girl is $250.

Wormed , no fleas and now half house trained.

c u all later.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PFAFF needle felting machines.

Hello world!

How are we all?

I am going to try and make a post every week, so we will see how i go.lol

Well last Saturday i bought a needle punch/felting machine. After much hunting around the Internet and asking around i decided to buy an pfaff- what i really wanted was the pretty husky star, but as it turns out they ARE the same machine in a different skin!

I am thinking that there must be a large number of needle felt machine blogs out there, as the shop said they had sold out of almost all stock.

The "butterfly" as she is called ,because of the butterfly on the machine is a real fun toy to have. She cost $500.00AU , i broke 8 needles in 5 Min's when i first started....do you think i was to heavy handed?? lol

I have removed the needle plate though, as i found the Little holes not forgiving when i do pull too hard on the felt.

In the thought of helping my self made income, i have opened four Internet outlets. I will be hoping to sell Fibre, Felt, Sparkling and Pretty items from my talents (??) lol, such as my love of photography- my pets, making cards, making beaded art, felting of all kinds and mixed media art.

As you all know, i have started art school this year and therefore have been exposed to many new styles.

I also really enjoy a good treasure hunt and love a good "find", so if i do, i will be offering it for sale.- if i don't keep it first.lol!

I have an Esty site, an EBay shop, an homestead website and an Free Webs site.

I think the free webs will really house my pets for sale and my photos.

http://heartfeltedcreations.com is my homestead site.

The etsy one i am having trouble working out, as i can get on to it but non of the links go there.

http://freewebs.com/nemcala This my free webs one and Nemcala is my registered stud name and farm .

I might add now, that while all have been opened, non have been fully stocked or set up yet.-sorry.

Well, the breeding season is starting early here. Nemcala Park Petal has "come in" this week and so has been mated to Orlando's Blue Reilly. My new blue point birman bed buddy.

I can not wait to see the kittens this stunning lad makes.!! He has the most amazing loving- cuddly- friendly nature, although he can be a really goose and often gets called goose.lol

My computer is in a state of ill health and so don't have photos stored on it till its fixed.

On to family, my boys got their reports at mid year and all have gotten good marks or made much improvement.

Kalhan is however being bullied at school due to his bad leg. We will be working on this.

In the felt world, i am doing the market every 2nd saturday and its all gone nicely.

here are some items

Last is the news that we have 8 maltese/shih tzu pups in the house! god help me.lol

They are now 5 weeks and started to eat. we have four boys and four girls all with Maltese coats.

Will take some photos soon.

take care and see you all in the next post.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Time for an update.

Hi Everyone. :)
Sorry it's been so long since my last Blog. I have started an art course in Castlemaine for two days a week.
If You are ever in Castlemaine on a saturday morning, drop in to the wesley hill market, Along with myself and friend Liz, there are many interesting stalls to look at and buy from.

We have found wonderful homes for many of our kittens this season- Thank you everyone.

I still have a few more darlings for sale.
All are 50% ragdoll and bengal x oriental-mum. $50. for boys and $100. for girls.
This is the last of my non colour points , other than the chinchilla x ragdoll/birman kittens.

My art school has been great but hard work and a real eye opener to whet is needed.lol
I do not draw as well i thought and i have found many new styles of making a "mark" as it is termed.

We are doing print making, life drawing as well as still life, painting, an textiles.

My 2nd son had a change of schools mid term and now seems happy. while my dear first born has decided to not own up to having home work.....till his teacher rang me.! mmm, 14 year olds.

I had a wonderful mothers day with my mum, my nanna and my sister and her husband at the lobster cave.....- not that we could afford to do this to often.....$600. !!! lol O.M.G

I am now open for felting classes be it one on one or a small group of 5.

I have also been on a book making and paper making weekend-wow great stuff and if i have room i would take this on too.lol

From time to time i hope to offer hand made books for sale as gifts.

Winter is now on its way and my dear harmony ( who is now 26 years old) is ruged and stabled every night. The younger horses don't seem to worry about the cold as much.
I will add photos later tonight.

Well for now thats all.

stay safe


Thursday, September 27, 2007

22mic. merino


hi all.
yes, i have been Dying... oh .. no. lol
I bought some dye's from Mandies "ewe give me the knits."
i will try to put this all in order- God help me.lol p.s if any of you see what i have done to poor mandie's gallery you will know!
alapaca tops-

Silk cap 1

silk cap 2

22mic. merino top.

Monday, September 24, 2007

felted work

Just before i go, i had better put some photos of my older felt art here all works have been sold but if there is anything you would like just email me with your ideas.
thanks Natalie.

very fine white silk/merino named white herbs.

100% Australian alpaca hand felted rabbits, this rabbit in many colours has been very successful for heart felted creations.

this is a wonderfully soft Nuno style scarf on silk chiffon hand dye by me with glass seed beads and tussah silk.
The lady who bought this adored it .

This little bag was made for a little girl as a birthday gift, she loves the butterfly's.- as i do!