Monday, September 24, 2007

felted work

Just before i go, i had better put some photos of my older felt art here all works have been sold but if there is anything you would like just email me with your ideas.
thanks Natalie.

very fine white silk/merino named white herbs.

100% Australian alpaca hand felted rabbits, this rabbit in many colours has been very successful for heart felted creations.

this is a wonderfully soft Nuno style scarf on silk chiffon hand dye by me with glass seed beads and tussah silk.
The lady who bought this adored it .

This little bag was made for a little girl as a birthday gift, she loves the butterfly's.- as i do!


Rosie said...

Hi Natalie,

I've popped over from EGMTK! Fibre blog. Your felting is gorgeous, especially that butterfly bag. That was one lucky little girl, she'll be the envy of everyone who sees her bag.

heartfelted creations said...

Hi Rose.
Thank you. :)

heartfelted creations said...

Sorry rosie, I think i have called you rose twice.